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In Ethiopia a large number of sesame seed varieties exist. The varieties that are well known are Humera Gonder and Wellega. The Humera variety is appreciated worldwide for its aroma and sweet taste. It is suitable for various bakery products. The Gonder type is also suitable for the bakery market. The major competitive advantage of the Wellega type is its high oil content.



  • Purity: 98% MIN
  • Oil Content: 35% MIN
  • Colour: Brownish
  • Moisture Content: 7% MAX
  • Admixture/Impurities: 2% MAX
  • FFA: 1% max

We supply soybeans

Commercial Properties

  • Purity: 95.5% MIN
  • Oil Content: 34% MIN
  • Color :- Black
  • Moisture content:-7% max
  • Impurities:- 1.5% max
  • FFA: 1.5% Max

Niger seed

We export organic Niger Seed originated from Ethiopia. It is of a high quality and known for its high nutritional value

  • Purity: 98% MIN
  • Oil Content: 35% MIN
  • Colour: Brownish
  • Moisture Content: 7% MAX
  • Admixture/Impurities: 2% MAX
  • FFA: 1% max


Chickpea is the most important pulse crop in Ethiopia. The bulk of the crop variety in the country is dominated by the sweet Desi type, and the Kabuli type is also grown in limited areas. In Ethiopia chickpeas are consumed widely fresh as green vegetables, sprouted, fried roasted and boiled. It is also ground into flour to make baby feed mixed with other cereals, soup bread and meat. It is also used to rehabilitate depleted fallow lands through utilizing crop rotation system. Chickpeas in Ethiopia hold fourth in the production and area coverage in the total pulse category.

Mung bean

Mung bean is known locally as “Masho”. It is a recent introduction in the Ethiopian pulse production.
The volume of production concentrated mainly in North Shewa and South Wollo zones of Amhara region and in some woredas of Beneshalgul Gumuz region. 
They have green skin hence they are also called green beans.

Ethiopian opal

Ethiopian opal is hydrophane which prevents crazing which in Australian is caused by drying out of the water content which creates hairline crack sand currently plentiful, and we highly recommend this gem as a best buy at this time.

Ethiopian emerald

Ethiopian emerald is a newly discovered variety of natural emerald gemstone mined from the Ethiopian region. It is recognized for its deep green hue, fine clarity, brilliant luster and exceptional size. These high-quality, precious, green emeralds are collect-able and are highly recommended for astrological and jewelry purposes.

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